About Us

Meet Our Group of drunken, rambunctious, idiots!

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Andrew Knapp

Andrew is our host and dungeon master! Aside from doing the nerdiest shit possible, he also enjoys very macho things such as video games, building shit out of metal, and drinking copious amounts of whiskey with Jake on various weeknights. He finds great pleasure in messing with his friends and doing some of the weirdest shit possible. You can talk to him on Twitter

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Jake Perusich

Jake is our podcast producer, IT guy, and resident alcoholic which goes a long way to explain our various technical difficulties! Aside from drunkenly reading about useless information and politics, you can find Jake only wearing flannel while working his way through school for what feels like 20 years! Argue with him on Twitter and Instagram!

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Joe Fogarty

Joe is our resident ski bum and creepy guy with a mustache! Aside from not being not allowed near schools, you can find Joe shredding that sweet gnar, forgetting how schedules work, and accidentally getting too drunk. Make fun of him on Instagram

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Ernie Johnson

Ernie is our resident angry nerd! Ernie spends most of his time sleeping and working very strange hours and drunkenly arguing with his friends over basically nothing. Ernie subsists solely off of trash food, video games, and his occasionally seeing the sunlight! Talk to Ernie about your favorite garbage food and nerd toys on Twitter and Instagram!